Kate and Divya met at a craft show several years ago and have been friends ever since. When the pandemic brought the craft shows to a grinding halt, the two of them found themselves surrounded by despondence in the crafting community. Crafters like creating. Marketing their products on social platforms and fancy websites is a full-time job in itself. Kate & Divya decided to work on a solution - a virtual online gallery that would be marketed on various social media platforms. They wanted to bridge the gap between the shoppers and the crafters by giving shoppers a platform to have a wide variety of handmade goods to choose from online. They worked on a concept to enable online shopping and have beautiful handcrafted creations arrive at your doorstep. That’s how Art at Your Doorstep evolved. Divya helped set up Art at Your Doorstep and now Kate manages it.


We have collaborated to build a virtual gallery featuring art created by artists based in the United States. The images on the website artatyourdoorstep.com represent the artists’ work and style. It does not guarantee that the artwork would still be available for sale. Most artists are willing to do custom orders and reproduce similar pieces if the ones on the website get sold. This virtual gallery will connect shoppers to the artists’ websites, social media links, or other forms of contact. All financial transactions would be between the artist and the buyer. The website will not be involved in any monetary transactions between the artists and the buyers. Art at Your Doorstep would not be involved in the delivery of the products. No commissions from any sales will be collected by artatyourdoorstep.com. 



Application requirements:

  1. All goods must be handmade in the United States of America by the artist applying.

  2. Professional quality high resolution images on a white background need to be submitted. 4 Images are needed per application in each category.

  3. Artists can apply in multiple categories. Each category will need a separate submission.

  4. If accepted by our jury committee, there will be a small subscription fee of $5 per month, per category that you apply for. Once your application gets accepted, the subscription fees will be collected on a quarterly basis.

The jury committee reserves the right to accept or reject entrants, based on the photos of works submitted.

Our mission is to promote your works though our website via many channels and technologies including social media, search engine optimization, and other affiliated groups. 


You can apply by clicking the Join link on top of the page or right here

Let us do our best to keep the Arts Alive!



Kate's creations are based on a synergistic approach to design, utilizing a wide variety of composition, techniques, mediums and materials.  Jewelry and acrylic art are her focus.  She thrives in her sense of diversity and passion for the arts which has driven and inspired her to continue to enthusiastically broaden her artistic capabilities.

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