Tyler Kulenguski

Gem Fusion Jewelry

Ocean Stud Earrings
Blue Topaz Ring
Atlantic Blues Pendant
Druzy Pendant
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I have always loved the outdoors and being around wildlife either through hawk watching at Snicker’s Gap, hiking, kayaking, or going to the beach. The way the textures and kaleidoscope of colors intermingle throughout nature and its diverse biomes astounds me and I want to replicate parts of that into my work. I form and texture the silver and gold to obtain that natural organic look I love through tools and other found objects.  I then complete each piece with brilliant colors of hand selected stones usually either by bezel, tube, or flush technique. My work has been inspired by the Flora and Fauna, land and sea, leaves, flowers, and the spring buds on trees called Catkins. 

Ocean Stud Earrings