Q:  How do I apply?

A:  You can apply on the website  by clicking here


Q:  Why should I apply?

A:  Selling virtually is more important than ever during these challenging times.  Visibility is key and our goal is to help your products be seen.  We want to help keep your passion, hobby or career alive.  Membership is open to artists working in a variety of 2D or 3D media.  All artists across the U.S. are welcome to join.


Q:  Is there a fee for membership?

A:  Yes.  The monthly fee is $5 per category to become an active member on our website.  If you would like to become a member of Artatyourdoorstep.com, you will be invoiced $15 on a quarterly basis, which will cover 3 months of membership.  Once the three months pass, you will have the option to renew or decline your membership.  


Q:  Do you accept credit cards for membership payment?

A:  Yes, you’ll receive an invoice from Art at Your Doorstep for $15 per category that you’ve applied to.  This will be billed per quarter, which will prepay for the following three months of membership.  


Q: How does my membership benefit my business?

A:  Visibility!  Art at Your Doorstep is dedicated to publicity, marketing and optimizing search engine results.  We want to share your work nationwide.  Art lovers and browsers will be directed to your website and will also have the capability to contact you directly to purchase your works.  Our job is to promote and advertise your beautiful works and our mission is for you to make sales and feel the appreciation that you deserve for your hard work.  


Q:  How does the jury process work?

A:  The jury process is composed of several key points.  

  1. Your product must be handmade.

  2. Your product must be unique and not mass produced.

  3. Your photos submitted should follow the guidelines outlined in the application.  They must be of high quality and aesthetically pleasing.

We understand that art is subjective, and that there is always something for everyone.  Our goal is to maintain a consistent theme to our site and our mission is for all to succeed!


Q:  When will I be notified if I’ve been accepted?

A:  You will be notified with an acceptance or rejection letter from the jury on the 1st of the following month after you apply. For e.g. if we received your application in September, you will get your acceptance/rejection notification on October 1st.


Q:  If accepted, when will my information go live on the website?

A:  Once you receive your acceptance letter, you will be invoiced on the same day, and payment will be due on the 15th of that month. After the payment has been received, you go live on our website on the 1st of the following month. For e.g. if we received your application in August, you will be notified of your acceptance and invoiced on September 1st. Payments will be due by September 15th and upon receiving the payment, your listing will go live on website on October 1st.


Q:  Will my photos be edited or sold to third parties?

A:  We will never sell your photos or your personal information.  We ask that your photos are submitted in the format requested on the application form. If needed, your photos may be cropped to fit a perfect square on artatyourdoorstep.com, or the background may be slightly adjusted to fit the theme of the website, but the art itself will not be edited.   If your art is accepted, your photos will ONLY be used to share on social media, blogs, editorials and news stories with the sole purpose of promoting your product.  We ask that you help to promote by sharing these posts with your audience, friends and family.


Q:  What happens if my artwork gets sold before the 3-month period is over?

A:  Our goal is to help you sell as much as possible. If you sell some of your pieces, we are doing our job well! However, given the large number or artists we have on our site, it’s impossible for us to keep changing the listing information. We give you the opportunity to update your listings once every quarter.


Q:  How does my membership help my business?

A:  Visibility!  Art at Your Doorstep is dedicated to publicity, marketing, and advertising opportunities to share your work nationwide.

Art lovers and browsers will be directed to your website and will also have the capability to contact you directly to purchase your works.


Q:  What if I want to cancel my membership?

A:  You are free to cancel your membership and opt out at any time.  However, if you cancel within the three-month period that you have prepaid for, there will be no prorated refunds for the three-month period that you prepaid for.  Your gallery page will stay active throughout that duration unless you choose to have it be deactivated and no longer visible to the public.  All requests for cancellation must be made in writing by emailing your request to artatyourdoorstep2020@gmail.com.